The Principle of Natural Agriculture

“The principle of Natural Agriculture is an overriding respect and concern for nature.”

Shumei’s method of growing food, called Natural Agriculture, concurs with its concern for the Earth. The practice of Natural Agriculture is guided entirely by a profound reverence for the intrinsic wisdom of Nature.
Meishusama envisioned Natural Agriculture not only as a means of cultivating pure wholesome food, but also as an art and spiritual practice. It relies on understanding the relationships and bonds amongst all the elements involved: the earth, sun, rain, wind, farmer, consumer, and society at large.
On Saturday, April 27, Verity Sharp and Beatrice Fenton from BBC Radio 4 visited our Yatesbury Natural Agriculture farm. Verity interviewed Shinya, Colleen and the three Learning Course participants. The program was aired on BBC Radio 4 on Sunday May 5 at 06h30 in the slot “On Your Farm”. We would like to share the link to this program with you: